WA Tribal Partnership Update

Self-Response Period — UnderwayMarch 12 – Oct. 31      
Field Operations Restart – UnderwayMay 11   
Update Leave — UnderwayMay 11
Group Quarters (paper and e-response)April 2 – Sept. 3
Group Quarters  (in-person enumeration)July 1 – Sept. 3
Non-Response Follow-UpAug. 11 – Oct. 31
Transitory LocationsSept. 3-28
Counting the HomelessTBC
Mobile Questionnaire AssistanceTBC

Last week Washington State resumed the Update Leave operation. Tribal Partnership Specialists reached out to the Census Liaisons to request permission to resume/conduct the operation on reservations. The Quinault Reservation and the Chehalis Reservation started receiving their census invitation packets last week.  This week Spokane Reservation will receive theirs and next week Kalispel will begin to get theirs.  The packets have unique Census IDs to use online or to call in, it also has a paper form.  We anticipate an increase in these tribal reservation response rates.  The National rate is 59.6%, the State is at 64.9%. Our top ten reservation response rates are:

  1. Port Gamble S’Klallam 75.2%
  2. Puyallup 66.9%
  3. Port Madison 60.6%
  4. Swinomish 58.6%
  5. Tulalip 56.7%
  6. Muckleshoot 54.0%
  7. Nisqually 52.7%
  8. Shoalwater Bay 51.2%
  9. Lummi 50.2%
  10. Lower Elwha 48.2%

Tribal HighlightsSamish Indian Nation- Created a 2020 Census info page you can find on their website. https://www.samishtribe.nsn.us/departments/planning/census-2020
Puyallup Tribe of Indians- Placed census message on Emerald Queen Casino digital billboard on I5 (see attached image).
Nisqually Indian Tribe- Sent a letter from the Chairman to all enrolled members encouraging participation in the Census.
What you can do

  • Encourage people to apply for census enumerator jobs at https://2020census.gov/en/jobs.html  Tribal members should list their tribes language, no matter their fluency level.
  • Write an article for your tribal newspaper
  • Create social media posts encouraging people to self-respond
  • Contact all your relatives and ask them to do their census!
  • Stay in touch with your Tribal Partnership Specialist

FarewellToday is the last working day for TPS Darin Yackeschi.  His tour of duty with census is at an end.  Darin worked on everything from Paddle To Lummi census outreach, to individual tribal government relationships, to Native Vote tour. We will miss him and appreciate his teamwork.  Best wishes Darin!
Sioquial,Alaina Capoeman (Quinault)2020 Census Tribal Partnership Specialist WA Lead

Los Angeles Regional Office, U.S. Census Bureau

Cell: 360.862.3108

census.gov Connect with us on Social Media

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