Standing as One

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In 1953…

farsighted tribal leaders in the Northwest formed the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, and dedicated it to tribal sovereignty and self-determination.

ATNI is organized and chartered as a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation under the laws of the State of Oregon.

The organization sets out its membership and operating policies within its Constitution and Bylaws and ATNI Policies & Procedures Manual. Authority for management of the affairs of ATNI are delegated to the Executive Council by the members and further delegated to the Executive Board, Committees, and Executive Director.

COVID-19 News & Updates

ATNI CARES Act Update 4.14.20

ATNI-COVID.4.14.2020 Transcript

ATNI CARES Act Video Conference 4.7.2020

Transcript: ATNI COVID19 Call 4-7-20

ATNI COVID-19 Response Call 3.31.2020

Transcript: ATNI COVID19 Call 3-31-20 (1)

ATNI COVID-19 Response Call 3.24.2020

ATNI COVID19 Call3.24.20

ATNI. CARES Act Update 4.21.2020

ATNI-COVID 4-21-20 Transcript

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Reform Act of 2018

HHS Extends Deadline for Tribal Nations to Choose COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

New Deadline: November 6, 2020  On October 30, the U.S.…

2020-25 Resolution

Res #: Committee: Submitted by: Title:      …

2020-24 Resolution

Res #: Committee: Submitted by: Title:      …

2020-23 Resoluution

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National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) – National Policy & Legislation: Link->

National Indian Health Board (NIHB) – National Health Policy & Programming: Link->

Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (NPAIHB) – Regional Policy & Programming: Link-> 

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Upcoming Events

National Tribal Leadership Climate Change Summit

>> Virtual Session I

October 13, 2020 | 10:00am – 1:00pm | Virtual Event

Please join us as we kick off our first of four virtual sessions this fall and winter. Session I will focus on Tribal climate policy and climate change implications for Tribes, First Nations, and Indigenous communities.

Download Event Flyer | Download Draft Agenda 

Register Today: Virtual Summit I: Tribal Climate Change Policy

ATNI Annual Convention 2020

ATNI Conventions are where members convene for discussion, presentations and the work of the committees in regard to policy, legislation, and the future of Indian Country in the Northwest.

Register Today:

October 5-8, 2020 | Virtual Event | ATNI Dues Letter 2020 | Registration.Form.ANN.2020 | ATNI Annual Convention Agenda

11th Hour of the US Census Count of Indian Country
Opportunity for Tribal Nations to Perform Enumeration Internally
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