2021-14 Resolution

Res #:Committee:Submitted By:Title:                           passed  →YesNoAmended/TabledTo NCAI
2021-14Economic DevelopmentAntone MinthornSupport For Legislation Authorizing Small Business Administration Office Of Native American Affairs   YES


2021-13 Resolution

Res #: Committee: Submitted By: Title:                           passed  → Yes No Amended/Tabled To NCAI 2021-13 Economic Development Antone Minthorn Immediate Elevation Of The Office Of Native American Business Development YES No https://atnitribes.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Res-2021-13.pdf

2021-12 Resolution

Res #:Committee:Submitted By:Title:                           passed  →YesNoAmended/TabledTo NCAI
2021-12Economic DevelopmentAntone MinthornEncouraging ATNI Member Tribes To Approve Their Letter Of Intent For The State Small Business Credit InitiativeYES