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FEMA Hosts Webinar for Tribal Nations on Climate Change and Equity for Underserved Populations

FEMA is seeking public comments on how the agency can further advance equity in underserved communities and strengthen resilience from the impacts of climate change. On April 22, FEMA posted a Request for Information to help identify areas where the agency’s programs can be modified to better align with President Biden’s Executive Orders 1398513990, and 14008.

The public notice contains a list of 16 questions to assist in identifying agency programs, regulations, and/or policies that may benefit from modification, streamlining, expansion, or repeal to further advance equity in underserved communities and strengthen resilience from the impacts of climate change.  FEMA encourages public comment on these questions and seeks any other data that commenters believe are relevant to the agency’s review efforts. 

In addition to written comments, FEMA will host a webinar at 3:30 ET on Wednesday, June 16 for tribal nations to collect verbal comments. Participants may indicate interest in providing a comment in the registration link

Participants must register and please note verbal comments will be limited to 3 minutes.

FEMA believes it is essential to continually reevaluate its programs to reduce unnecessary barriers to participation and effectiveness, to serve all communities, to increase equity, and to promote preparedness.  Make your voice count and register for the webinars.

Feedback on the executive orders is open through July 21. Any registration information provided will only be used for this event and will not be shared with any third party. Additional information is available about the Request for Information on FEMA.gov.

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HHS Extends Deadline for Tribal Nations to Choose COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

New Deadline: November 6, 2020 

On October 30, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a Dear Tribal Leader Letter announcing Operation Warp Speed approval of a one-week extension for tribal nations with healthcare facilities to determine their vaccine distribution preference. Tribal nations with healthcare facilities now have until November 6, 2020, to contact Indian Health Service (IHS) if they would like to be included in IHS’s distribution plan, or contact their State health authority if they wish to be included in the state’s vaccine distribution. 
Tribal nations are encouraged to reach out to their state health authority and their IHS Area Office COVID Vaccine Point of Contact to better understand the details of their COVID-19 plan in order to make this decision based on the most updated information available. 
Indian Health Service Area Vaccine Point of Contact

For general questions or concerns, contact the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) Federal Entities Planning Team at eocevent474@cdc.gov.NCAI Contact: Nicholas Courtney, Policy Analystncourtney@ncai.org