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FERC’s Office of Public Participation – Tribal Outreach

The new Office of Public Participation (OPP) is intended to coordinate assistance to the public and Tribes with respect to authorities exercised by the Commission, including assistance to those seeking to intervene in Commission proceedings, pursuant to section 319 of the Federal Power Act (this includes infrastructure projects like natural gas pipelines and hydropower dams, as well as energy markets and rates cases). As part of this effort, we are seeking input from the public and Tribes on their thoughts and ideas for how this office should be organized and staffed, and what role it should play. To gather information, we have scheduled a series of listening sessions that will be led by Commission staff, and may be attended by one or more Commissioners. The sessions, listed below, will give individuals an opportunity to provide their thoughts and ideas on how the Commission should create the OPP to encourage and facilitate participation. Following a brief introduction from Commission staff, each session will be open for 3-5 minutes of comment per participant. 

o pre-register for a listening session, please visit the Commission’s website.