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RES 18 39

Advance Tribal Sovereignty in the 2020 Census

Res #: Committee: Submitted by: Title:                                    Pass →                     Yes No Amended/Tabled To NCAI
Res-18-39 Education Patsy Whitefoot Advance Tribal Sovereignty in the 2020 Census X no

WHEREAS, the United States (U.S.) Census is mandated by the United States Constitution; and

WHEREAS, the U.S. population is enumerated every 10 years and census data is used to allocate Congressional seats, electoral votes, and is the basis for allocation of more than $600 billion in funding allocations for federally funded programs; and

WHEREAS, federal funding for tribal schools and colleges, education, workforce and career readiness, Indian housing, Indian health, water and sewage projects, roads, economic development and other essential programs are utilized by both urban, rural and tribal communities and is based on data collected by the Census Bureau every ten (10) years; now

THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED, that ATNI will partner with organizations to advance tribal sovereignty with organizations such as More Equitable Democracy and others to focus on racial equality and democracy reform; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, these organizations, such as, More Equitable Democracy and others, shall work with Tribal Governments and Tribal Organizations to ensure Census participation, training and education in rural and urban communities, voter registration, Get out the Vote activities, leadership development, and redistricting reform.