Help Seat The Cherokee Nation Delegate in Congress

In 1835, the U.S. government and The Cherokee Nation signed the Treaty of New Echota. This treaty guaranteed The Cherokee Nation a representative in The United States House of Congress. Nearly 200 years later the U.S. has not honored their end of this treaty.

ATNI and our member tribes are far too familiar with the consequences of broken promises.

Congress needs to honor their promise and follow its own laws and treaties. Cherokee Nation
has been waiting for the representation promised to them two centuries ago, and we must call
upon Congress to seat their declared delegate, Kim Teehee, in the U.S. House of
Representatives this session. Kim will serve not only as the first-ever Cherokee Nation delegate
to the U.S. House, but also as a strong voice and advocate for ALL Native Americans across the
country. Contact your members of Congress and ask them to pass a resolution seating Kim

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