Displacement and Climate Change Survey: EcoAdapt

EcoAdapt is conducting a survey to determine if and how people and organizations concerned about displacement pressures are considering the effects of climate change. This survey is part of a broader project in collaboration with the Strong, Prosperous, and Resilient Communities Challenge (SPARCC) and the Urban Displacement Project to better understand the intersections between climate change and displacement pressures. Results will be shared with anti-displacement practitioners to inform communications and messaging strategies geared toward generating more widespread adoption of policies and practices that can reduce both climate and displacement risks. The survey aims to identify:

  • To what degree anti-displacement practitioners are thinking about climate change in their work;
  • Emerging practices and policies that may address the dual goals of reducing climate risks and displacement pressures; and
  • Needs, opportunities, and barriers in reducing climate risks and displacement pressures in communities.

EcoAdapt  Displacement & Climate Change Survey.

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