The Northwest Climate Resilience Collaborative: Supporting the Climate Resilience of  Northwest Coastal Tribes

Goal 1: Identify key climate adaptation barriers and needs 

Goal 2: Identify actions for addressing priority barriers and needs

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The Northwest Climate Resilience Collaborative (NCRC), a federally-funded partnership among UW Climate Impacts Group and community partners, including ATNI. For the next 5 years, the NCRC will be supporting the climate resilience of NW coastal tribes. ATNI is co-leading this work with the UW Climate Impacts Group. ATNI is the community lead, and the Climate Impacts Group is the research lead, with partners at Washington Sea Grant, NW Indian Fisheries Commission, Washington State University, and more. The project will work with NW coastal tribes to assess the barriers they are experiencing in their efforts to prepare for climate change – barriers which, if addressed, could help accelerate their adaptation efforts. The project will then work to identify actions that could help address key adaptation barriers or needs, to support coastal tribes in implementing their adaptation efforts.