JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Communications and Marketing Coordinator

The Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) is hiring a Communications and Membership Coordinator. This person is responsible for planning, developing, implementing and monitoring ATNI’s strategic communications strategy. This work includes communicating with Tribal Government ATNI membership, media relations, sponsors and partners. The focus is on increasing the capacity of ATNI and our programs for more effective communication with our membership and responding to the needs of our programs. Additionally, the Coordinator is responsible for member relations, including outreach, recruitment, retention, and implementation of plans designed to cultivate, maintain, and strengthen member ties to each other and to ATNI. The coordinator is responsible for instituting and utilizing a membership platform to better serve the ATNI membership. The Coordinator may provide some assistance with identifying and garnering resources to support the ATNI’s work, primarily in the area of community relations and communications. Successful candidates will have direct experience working with tribal nonprofits. For more details about the position and how to apply, see the position description.

Location: Portland, Oregon with the opportunity for remote work

Status: 32.5 hours / week

Salary range: $40,500 – $47,200 depending on experience

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