Seeking Board Game Consultant

Seeking Board Game Consultant

This is an RFP for to contract a Board Game Consultant to assist with the development, testing, design, and production of a Tribal climate resilience board game with a focus on North America. 

Scope of Services:

The Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians invites qualified game developers and designers to submit proposals for the development of a board game focused on tribal climate resilience on Turtle Island (North America). The objective of this project is to create an engaging and educational board game that will enhance the skills and knowledge of the tribal community while promoting climate resilience.

Project Description:

The board game will be designed to develop skills and share knowledge within the broader tribal community on Turtle Island. The primary audience will be teenagers and early career tribal audience, with crossover to Tribal staff, educators, and Tribal youth. It will serve as a valuable tool for our training and workshops, with the aim of having a broader impact on the tribal community’s climate resilience efforts. ATNI’s climate fellows and staff will be able to help develop the concept, test various aspects of the game, engage with the board game, gather inspiration, and apply the insights they gain to their own work.

Project Objectives:

The primary objectives of this project are as follows:

  1. Develop an engaging and educational board game for the tribal community and others around the topic of Tribal climate resilience.
  2. Enhance the skills and knowledge of the Tribal community in the U.S. while engaging them in a fun activity. 
  3. Provide a resource for training and workshops to promote climate resilience.
  4. Inspire ATNI’s staff and fellows, citizens of our member Tribes, the broader climate community, and our partners to actively contribute to climate resilience initiatives.

How to submit a proposal

Follow the instructions in the full RFP.

Deadline: November 13, 2023