RFP: Meeting Facilitator



Seeking a CONSULTANT to facilitate the planning process for the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) 2024 National Tribal Leaders Climate Summit.

Scope of Services

ATNI is soliciting proposals from CONSULTANTS to perform the following scope of services:

  • Participate in planning ATNI’s National Tribal Leaders Climate Summit in spring 2024 by helping lead the planning team, conducting background research, producing written materials, developing and tracking the project schedule, and participating in the event.

Project Description

The 2024 National Tribal Leaders Climate Summit (“2024 Summit”) will convene Tribal Leaders and staff from Tribal Nations from throughout the Nation and include representatives from First Nations and Indigenous communities. Our goal is to elevate knowledge, experiences, research, values, and priorities related to Tribal climate resilience. The Summit will include nationally renowned plenary speakers, tribal leaders, tribal climate experts, tribal collaborators, invited guests, and more. Educating, training, and engaging leaders, staff, and communities on climate-related topics of interest to Tribal Nations in the United States.

The goals of the 2024 Summit will be defined through the planning process, but may include:

  1. Ensuring that Tribes have the information, support, capacity and resources necessary to plan for and implement Tribal Climate Resilience Projects; 
  2. Increasing Tribal awareness of opportunities and challenges faced by other Tribes in developing climate projects and when collaborating with outside partners for planning, policy development and project implementation;
  3. Improving project success by appropriately engaging and consulting with Tribes;
  4. Assessing Tribal needs, interests, and priorities related to climate adaptation and resilience, while providing listening opportunities for intertribal collaboration to move those priorities forward.

Through this process, ATNI and our partners will design and host a 2 ½ day in-person event, similar to the previous climate summits that we have hosted. The 2024 Summit may be live-streamed, or have presentations recorded for future sharing. Tribal leaders and subject matter experts will be recruited from across the U.S. to deliver timely and relevant high impact presentations, speeches, panel discussions, break out discussions, stories, songs, and prayers in culturally appropriate and respectful ways. The 2024 Summit’s intended audience is Tribal leaders, staff, their partners, and allies. The Summit will be designed to encourage partnership building and collaboration amongst Tribal leaders and staff so that the participants will be better informed and prepared to work with ATNI and our many partners to implement change more effectively for their Tribal communities.

Project Objectives, Tasks, Budget, Deliverables, and Timeline

An award from this RFP will support the consultant to achieve the following objectives and deliverables.

Objective 1 – Supporting Planning Efforts

  • Facilitate planning calls (meeting prep, agenda development, track decisions, time management,  core team assignments and, accountability)
  • Develop a work-back schedule and track progress and tasks during the planning phase
  • Develop draft and update event agenda and detailed run-of-show
  • Work between meetings to secure speakers identified by the planning team; craft planning document on session goals, objectives, target audiences, and discussion topics; assist with meeting scheduling, announcements, and outreach to planning team
  • Lead and support the preparation of speakers for the event, providing briefings, talking points, key themes, etc.

Objective 2 – Participation in the Summit and follow-up

  • Attend 2½ -day Summit and provide event support such as speaker coordination, leading breakout sessions, & fulfilling any assigned speaking roles
  • Facilitate two post-event meetings to debrief, discuss lessons learned, identify take-aways, calls to action, set goals for future events, & review meeting summary 

How to Submit a Proposal

See the details at this weblink

Deadline: October 13, 2023