Hey all.  Spread the word!

The USDA’s Northern Rockies Fire Science Network (www.nrfirescience.org) is starting a biannual newsletter, “Traditional Knowledge (TK) and Fire in the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies”.

The primary goal for this newsletter is to keep readers informed of upcoming events, management tools and applications, and research related to TK and fire and fuels management in the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies.  Hopefully this will be a great avenue to highlight the innovative projects and research being accomplished by and in partnership with tribal communities!

The plan is to release the first Fall Issue end of November or Early December.

If you are interested, please subscribe here and forward to folks you think might be interested in submitting or reading!  Also, please feel free to submit comments and suggestions about the newsletter and any articles or shout-outs related to TK and Fire to monique.wynecoop@usda.gov and she will make sure and incorporate them into the next newsletter!

Here are some topics the issue will cover:

  • Current relevant publications, reports, briefs, bulletins, articles, upcoming webinars, seminars, conferences, or workshops related to TK and fire.
  • Tribal and Partnership Project and work highlights related to TK and fire
  • Recently developed tools, methods, or technology to help incorporate TK into Fire and Fuels Management
  • Up and coming leaders in the field of TK and Fire (shout-outs!)
  • Lessons learned (Tribal or collaboration) regarding TK and fuels or fire management
  • Tribal artwork or poetry describing TK and Fire
  • Youth or mentorship programs related to the topic
  • Tribal Food Summits