BIA Nat Resources Funding: Endangered Species

Successful applications will belimited to projects that are directly related to the restoration, management,and/or economic development of “tribal trust resources” (see definitionsbelow).

In addition to the above requirement, only those projects that meet at least one of the following two criteria will be considered for funding:

  1. Projects involving species protected by the Endangered Species Act (as amended 1973) (ESA). This includes ESA Candidate species.
  2. Projects involving tribally important species and/or habitat(s) where such species or habitat(s) are identified in an official and approved tribal document, management plan, or Tribal Resolution that lists the tribally important species and/or habitat(s) and describes the tribal interest in focusing attention on those species/habitat(s).
  3. The maximum funding request is $120,000 per application. The funding request cannot include the tribal indirect rate.

Deadline: January 15, 2020

Contact Robert Compton – Rangeland Mgt. Spec. (robert.compton) for a copy of the funding announcement, if needed.

Or contact ATNI’s Tribal Liaison for the Tribal Resilience Program, Chas Jones (cejones).

Attachments a

2020-Application for ESA Program Funding-4 pages_draft1.docx

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