Format: 2018
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# File Committee Prepared By Title Passed Conference Ammended NCAI TO NCAI
RES_17_47 Res-17-47.pdf Transportation Kirk Vinish National Tribal Technical Assistance Program Yes Annual No
RES_17_46 Res-17-46.pdf TER Larry Jordan State Department of Transportation MOU’s with TERO Tribes Yes Annual No
RES_17_45 Res-17-45.pdf Law & Justice Davis Washines Support Washington State Initiative to Legislature Requiring Law Enforcement Receive Training with Tribal Involvement Yes Annual No
RES_17_44 Res-17-44.pdf Trust Reform Ernie Stensgar Support for the Indian Land Tenure Foundations Social Impact Bond for Indian Land Title Consolidation Project Yes Annual Yes
RES_17_43 Res-17-43.pdf Education Patricia Whitefoot Tribal Readiness In Base Engineering and STEM Initiative Yes Annual No
RES_17_42 Res-17-42.pdf Education Patricia Whitefoot Native American Health Sciences Director Position at Washington State University-Spokane Yes Annual No
RES_17_41 Res-17-41.pdf Kerri Marquez Support the Development of the Reservation Safety Coalition Yes Annual Yes
RES_17_40 Res-17-40.pdf Transportation Kirk Vinish Request for Consultation Regarding Tribal Technical Assistance Program Yes Mid Year Yes
RES_17_39 Res-17-39.pdf Telecommunications & Utility Danae Wilson First Responder Coverage for Tribal Nations Yes Mid Year No
RES_17_38 Res-17-38.pdf Telecommunications & Utility Danae Wilson Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians FirstNet Board of Directors Yes Mid Year No