Format: 2017
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# File Committee Prepared By Title Passed Conference Ammended NCAI TO NCAI
RES_17_20 Veterans Joseph Turrey Emergency Management Committee Yes Winter Res-17-20 Tabled.pdf No
RES_17_19 Res-17-19.pdf Veterans Joseph Turrey In Support of Legislation to address the Improper State Taxation of Reservation-Domiciled Service Members and Veterans Yes Winter Yes
RES_17_18 Res-18.pdf Trust Reform Ernie Stensgar Supporting the Creation of an Assistant Director for Native American Programs at the Office of Management and Budget Yes Winter Yes
RES_17_17 Res-17-17.pdf Trust Reform Ernie Stensgar Reaffirming Support for the Implementation of Indian Trust Asset Reform act Yes Winter Yes
RES_17_16 Res-17-16.pdf Transportation Kirk Vinish Appointing Tribal/BIA Representative to the Programming Decision Committee (PDC) and Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for the Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) for Western Federal Lands Yes Winter No
RES_17_15 Res-17-15.pdf Telecommunications & Utility Danae Wilson/Randy Harris Comments on the CenturyLink and T3 Merger Yes Winter No
RES_17_14 Res-17-14.pdf Natural Resources/Land Debra Lekanoff Calling on State and Federal Authorities to Review and Revise Mitigation Protocols and to Reform the Process for Their Adoption, Related to Existing and Proposed Industrial Developments Yes Winter No
RES_17_13 Res-17-13.pdf Natural Resources/Land Debra Lekanoff Opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline and Standing with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Yes Winter No
RES_17_12 Res-17-12.pdf Natural Resources/Land Debra Lekanoff Reaffirming Opposition to Non-Refined Fossil Fuel transportation Across and Export From the Pacific Northwest Yes Winter Yes
RES_17_11 Res-17-11.pdf Natural Resources/Land Debra Lekanoff Calling on the Federal Government to Ensure “Free, Prior, and Informed Consent” From Affected Tribes at the Earliest Stage of Federal Undertakings Yes Winter Yes