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# File Committee Prepared By Title Passed Conference Ammended NCAI TO NCAI
RES_17_30 Res-17-30.pdf Health Andy Joseph Opposition to FY 2018 Budget Cuts to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Yes Mid Year Yes
RES_17_29 Res-17-29.pdf Gaming David Bean Supporting the Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act (H.R. 986, S.63) in the 115Th Congress Yes Mid Year Yes
RES_17_28 Res-17-28.pdf Carina Miller Supporting Infrastructure on Indian Reservations Yes Mid Year N/A
RES_17_27 Res-17-27.pdf Carina Miller Supporting Extending Bonneville Power Administration’s 40 Average Megawatts of Power for Tribal Utility Load Growth Yes Mid Year N/A
RES_17_26 Res-17-26.pdf Carina Miller Supporting Improved Process Review of Infrastructure Projects Yes Mid Year N/A
RES_17_25 Res-17-25.pdf Education Patricia Whitefoot End Cultural Misappropriations in Public Schools Yes Mid Year No
RES_17_24 Res-17-24.pdf Education Patricia Whitefoot Call to Collect Testimony about the American Indian and Alaska Native Children who went Missing under the U.S. Boarding School Policy Yes Mid Year Yes
RES_17_23 Res-17-23.pdf Education Patricia Whitefoot Support for American Indians/Alaska Native Student Religious Expression at Commencement Ceremonies and Events Yes Mid Year Yes
RES_17_22 Res-17-22.pdf Economic Development Antone Minthorn Supporting the Reintroduction and Passage by Congress of the “ADVANCE” Act Yes Mid Year Yes
RES_17_21 Res-17-21.pdf Economic Development Antone Minthorn National Indian Council on Aging Elders Request Robust Funding for Senior Community Service Employment Program in FY 2018 Yes Mid Year Yes