Format: 2017
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# File Committee Prepared By Title Passed Conference Ammended NCAI TO NCAI
RES_17_54 Res-17-54.pdf Natural Resources/Land Debra Lekanof Opposition to the Continued Operation and Proposed Expansion of Non-Native Finfish Agriculture in Coastal Waters Yes Annual No
RES_17_53 Res-17-53.pdf Natural Resources/Land Debra Lekanof Support for the National Park Service Budget Yes Annual Yes
RES_17_52 Res-17-52.pdf Natural Resources/Land Debra Lekanof Full Funding for Federally Declared Tribal Fishery Resource Disasters Yes Annual Yes
RES_17_51 Res-17-51.pdf Natural Resources/Land Debra Lekanof Opposing the Siting of te Proposed Tacoma Liquefied Natural Gas Plant Yes Annual Yes
RES_17_50 Res-17-50.pdf Native Vote Julie Johnson Get Out the Native Vote Yes Annual No
RES_17_49 Res-17-49.pdf Transportation Kirk Vinish Recommendation for Appointments to Tribal Transportation Program Coordinating Committee Yes Annual No
RES_17_48 Res-17-48.pdf Transportation Kirk Vinish Support for the John P. Smith Tribal Road Safety and Infrastructure Act of 2017 Yes Annual Yes
RES_17_47 Res-17-47.pdf Transportation Kirk Vinish National Tribal Technical Assistance Program Yes Annual No
RES_17_46 Res-17-46.pdf TER Larry Jordan State Department of Transportation MOU’s with TERO Tribes Yes Annual No
RES_17_45 Res-17-45.pdf Law & Justice Davis Washines Support Washington State Initiative to Legislature Requiring Law Enforcement Receive Training with Tribal Involvement Yes Annual No