Format: 2018
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# File Committee Prepared By Title Passed Conference Ammended NCAI TO NCAI
RES_18_22 Res-18-22 NPAIHB.pdf PATHWAYS INTO HEALTH Yes Annual No
RES_18_21 Res-18-21.pdf Culture & Elders Committee Andy Joseph Resume Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) Operations Yes Winter No
RES_18_20 Res-18-20.pdf Transportation Kirk Vinish Emergency Response Crisis Due to Frequent Flooding Yes Winter No
RES_18_19 Res-18-19.pdf Transportation Kirk Vinish Highway Trust Fund Solvency Yes Winter No
RES_18_18 Res-18-18.pdf Transportation Kirk Vinish Support the Adherence of the Adopted Protocols of the FAST Act, Tribal Transportation Self-Governance Program Negotiated Rulemaking Committee Yes Winter No
RES_18_17 Res-18-17.pdf Telecommunications & Utility Danae Wilson/ Crystal Hottewe ATNI Tribal Representative to FirstNet Tribal Working Group Yes Winter No
RES_18_16 Res-18-16.pdf Telecommunications & Utility Danae Wilson/ Crystal Hottewe Support for the Washington State Revitalization Board Yes Winter No
RES_18_15 Res-18-15.pdf Telecommunications & Utility Danae Wilson/ Crystal Hottewe ATNI Partnerships with Washington State for FirstNet Yes Winter No
RES_18_14 Res-18-14 .pdf Natural Resources/Land Debra Lekanoff Review of Washington Fish & Wildlife Enforcement Yes Winter No
RES_18_13 Res-18-13.pdf Natural Resources/Land Debra Lekanoff Ensuring Farm Bill Conservation Programs Yes Winter No