To use culture based education to empower and shape our sovereignty, unity and self-determination by

  • respecting our elders, traditional leaders and indigenous ways of knowing and being;
  • promoting our unique languages and cultures from our inter-generational and holistic perspectives;
  • advocating for a holistic approach to policy and legislation that promotes self-sufficiency and
  • increasing access and opportunity for career readiness, lifelong learning and the protection of our cultural and intellectual property rights
Committee Goals: 
To promote proactive engagement and visibility of Education goals by *fostering a reciprocal relationship with other committees; i.e. joint meetings *advocating education goals with tribal delegates *involving tribal education departments To proactively advocate on key legislative issues regarding Native Education by *supporting Native CLASS Act and related legislation *opposing Funding Flexibility Act, Native Alaska Elimination and related legislation *increasing awareness on the achievement gap initiatives; i.e., “From Where the Sun Rises”