The ATNI Northwest Indian Tourism Council will provide oversight to the ATNI tourism program which was established to develop regional tourism strategies and promote economic development through tribal tourism operations. The Tourism council serves as Ad Hoc Committee of the Economic Development of the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians. Activities of the tourism program include information dissemination, public education, resource training and technical assistance. The program will work with Member Tribes to assist in the development and coordination of multi-tribe tourism programs and to develop regional promotional opportunities.

Members of the Tourism Council: The Tourism Council will be comprised of tribally designated representatives. Any ATNI Member Tribes may appoint a member and alternate(s) to the ATNI Tourism Council. If other than a Chairman, a tribal resolution of letter from the Chairman will be needed to designate the representatives. A new resolution or letter needs to be presented only when the tribe changes its designated representatives.


Committee Chairs: 

Walter Jackson, Chairman,

Publications Native Peoples of the Northwest: A Travelers Guide to Land, Art and Culture Written by Jan Halliday and Gail Chehak in cooperation with the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, under the direction of the Tourism Committee. This 300 page guidebook includes a full-color map to the tribes, six area maps, and lists more than 1,000 Indian-owned museums, interpretive centers, art galleries, hotels, resorts, restaurants, RV parks, campgrounds, fish hatcheries, and eco- and cultural tours guided by tribal members. The paperback retails for $16.95 and is available through numerous book stores. The publisher offers substantial wholesale discounts for bulk orders. For information, or to order books, call toll free at (800)775-0817, fax (206)467-4201, or e-mail to: or http://www.sasquatchbooks.

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