Senators Request Feedback from Native Community on the Effects of Climate Change on their Community

On July 10th, U.S. Senators Tom Udall (D-N.M.), vice chair of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee and Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii), chair of the Special Committee on the Climate Crisis, along with Democratic members that sit on the Indian Affairs Committee and/or the Special Committee on the Climate Crisis asked for input from American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Community Leaders on the effects of climate change on their communities, seeking to foster a dialogue with Native communities on potential solutions and responses to this urgent threat. Thoughts and comments are due by September 13, 2019. To submit a comment, send an email to Community_Leaders_Feedback. To view the full announcement, click here. Below are some questions to consider when responding:

  1. What policies, regulations, and programs have proven particularly useful in assisting your communities in mitigating and responding to climate change impacts?
  2. Are there policies or strategies that your communities are using to address climate change that could scale for implementation at the federal level, including traditional knowledge?
  3. What actions or policies could federal agencies take within existing authorities to improve climate change mitigation and resilience in your communities?
  4. What new policies would you recommend Congress consider to improve climate change resilience in your communities, reduce emissions of heat-trapping pollution, increase the development and availability of renewable resources, or capture or off-set emissions of heat-trapping pollution?
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