ATNI Tribal Leaders Summit on Climate Change
March 10 & 11th, 2015

Doubletree Lloyd Center, Portland Oregon

Event Agenda

Tribal Councils, Policy Leaders, Tribal Staff, and federal agency representatives attend the ATNI Tribal Leaders Summit on Climate Change.

Keynote Address: Secretary of Interior Sally Jewel - “How the DOI Secretarial Order is being implemented in Indian Country and opportunities to support Tribal Governments impacted by Climate Change”

The purpose of the Summit is:

  • To  convene ATNI Tribal Leaders to discuss Climate Change Impacts
  • To  Share Tribal Strategies, Plans, Policy on Climate Change, Energy, and Carbon Emissions
  • To Discuss  Regional, National, and International Policy on Climate Change
  • To Discuss Tribal Needs and Funding Opportunities
  • To Identify Strategies to Promote and Protect Tribal Sovereignty and Tribal Resources
  • To Discuss the opportunity to develop a NW Tribal Action Plan on Climate Change

Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians "Environmental Protections and Restoration-Pacific NW Tribal Best Practices" from DigitalSmokeSignals on Vimeo.

Don Sampson, Executive Director

Institute for Tribal Government & ATNI Climate Change Project Coordinator
Cell: (541) 215-2753  or  (541) 215-2919

ATNI Tribal Leaders Summit on Climate Change 2015